PHS - Black on Clear SMALL
Voucher can be used for any course subject to availablitlity.
Friday 20th December (10pm-1pm)
Photogram 20th December 2019
Saturday 25th January (1pm - 4pm)
Pinhole Photography 25th January 2020
Sunday 23rd February 2020 (1pm - 4pm)
Digital photography - 23rd February 2020
Sunday 22nd March (1pm-4pm)
Photogram 22nd March 2020
Sunday 26th April (1pm - 4pm)
Pinhole Photography 26th April 2020
Sunday 24th May 2020 (1pm - 4pm)
Digital photography - 24th May 2020
Saturday 27th June (1pm-4pm)
Photogram 27th June 2020
Sunday 26th July (1pm - 4pm)
Pinhole Photography 26th July 2020