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'The art and science of the pinhole camera'


Come and experience photography in its most simple form.

Participants will learn about Pinhole photography and will be given tips on how to construct their own cameras. They will then shoot and develop a series of pinhole images onboard the Pinhole Studio.


The pinhole camera or camera obscura has been around for over a 1000 years but it was only in 1837 that Joseph Niepce was able to develop the first photographic image.


All equipment will be provided and a choice of pinhole cameras will be available for you to experiment with.



'Making Photograms'


A Photogram is a photographic image made without the use of a camera. Images are made by placing objects between a light source and light senstitive materials (usually photographic paper).


Participants will be introduced to the art of the photogram by way of a presentation and a practical demonstration onboard the Pinhole Studio. They will then create a series of photograms using  a variety of both natural and man-made objects.


*Participants are invited to bring some objects of their own but nothing too big as the prints we will be making will be of a maximmum size of 10x8 inches.


see some examples @


'Introduction to Digital Photography'


This course is designed to introduce participants to digital photography and to help you get to know your camera.


The day will involve discussion about different types of digital cameras and their uses and limitations.

It will include demonstrations to help dissect and hopefully simplify those aspects of photography that can often seem a little confusing, for example:


Shutter speeds

Aperture setting

Depth of Field

Rule of thirds



Digital software


*We will also discuss the importance of setting yourself projects to inspire your photography and touch upon some of the great themes in the process.

Participants will have the opportunity to take photographs and have some one to one time to get to grips with the specifics of their own camera.


*NOTE: It is not essential to own your own camera for this course as a digital SLR (single lens reflex) will be provided. This may be a useful course to help you decide if an SLR is the best option for you or if your mobile phone will do all that you require (we can discuss).


workshops coming soon


Shooting and printing film

Creating images using 'Liquid Light'

Pinhole portraiture



*other artists will also lead workshops from the Pinhole studio, workshops such as dry point etching, drawing and painting, sculptural jewellery making and poetry.



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